About Us

Unique Medical Staffing Company

The purpose of our company is to build a culture of excellence for all career opportunities for medical assistants and for all personnel placed within the company. That mission drives every healthcare staffing solution we create for our clients and every placement we make for candidates. In the past few years, we have grown from a two-person business to one of New England’s most dynamic medical staffing firms with regional nursing per diem jobs. 

Today, we provide employment opportunities to travel nurses across the country.

Our Mission

As part of our mission to support excellence in all career opportunities and medical assistant personnel, we generate a number of solutions for clients and place candidates. The company began as a two-person operation and has grown into one of the most dynamic medical staffing agencies in San Diego and surrounding areas. We now provide travel nursing jobs throughout California.

Our success is directly attributed to our ability to match talent with staffing needs. We constantly improve our processes to develop highly skilled, highly engaged and innovative team members. We also reward those who work hard and contribute to our community and culture.


Our Advantages

Our firm focuses on people and community members rather than numbers. We know that our clients cannot be successful if the candidates we place with them aren’t successful.

Personal attention and customized solutions.

Accurate matches based on skills, experience and personal fit.


Ongoing support after a placement is made to ensure both parties are successful.

24/7 support – because healthcare isn’t a nine-to-five business.

How can we help you today?

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Awesome candidates placed by our staff


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We have been an industry leader since 2020, but we aren’t a stuffy, corporate behemoth. We started as a small company, and we maintain that vibe today.